About us

My Parent’s Dream…

I was fifteen when I first went to Ranikhet… a hill station my parents were in love with. We had leased a cottage on a hill that over looked the Himalayas. The specialty of the cottage was a “bay window”. We used to spend hours on the bay window admiring the beauty of the valley and the magnificent view of the Himalayas. It was a pleasure to watch colors change in the sky from golden yellow to sunset orange to deep purple and let Himalayas quietly embrace the moonlit night. Witnessing the most romantic union between the Himalayas and the moon is still my passion.

My parents were so enchanted by the place that they wanted it to be admired by every one, they wanted to turn the fantasies of people who love nature into reality. The best way to fulfill this desire was to build a place where people can come and find solace with nature, where their tired bodies and exhausted minds can relax, where they can breath peace…thus Woodsvilla came into being.

My father a Charted Accountant by profession and my mother a PHD in Mathematics together laid the foundation stone of Woodsvilla. They invested earnings of their life in building the resort. With the hard work and determination of three years Woodsvilla was built in Majkhali 8 km form Ranikhet… standing at the top of a mountain. Specialty of the Villa is that all the rooms have a ‘bay window’ over looking the Himalayas.

Woodsvilla symbolises success of my parent’s dreams. Their heart and soul lies in the Villa.

If you share the same dream then we can make your dream a reality.

It will be our pleasure to host you in our hearts.

Looking forward to your stay with us.

Warm Regards
Gunjan Aggarwal
Woodsvilla Resort