• Woodsvilla has 61 units, which includes 90 rooms in all. Every room opens into a private patio and an overlooking sundeck.
  • The architecture of the Villa is such that all 34 rooms face the glistening peaks of the Himalayas.
    The private patio attached to every room can be used for drowning in tranquility of the serene land or to mingle with the sound of chirping birds, blowing winds and humming bees.
  • The interiors of the rooms are warm and welcoming. Comfort of the guest is always a top priority at the Villa.
  • All the rooms have a bay window opening your world to white snowcapped peaks. One can sit for hours in front of the window looking at them because believe us they are spell bounding and intriguing, yet they are welcoming. Drinking steaming cup of tea and overlooking the great gigantic Himalayas can be a moment as deep as sea.
  • Each room has attached toilet with running hot water, TV, telephone and heater.

There are various types of rooms and you can choose them according to your convenience.

You can choose from

  • Standard Lower Ground Floor Double Bed Room.
  • Deluxe Double Room with a private and spacious balcony.
  • Honeymoon Room is designed keeping in mind the comforts and needs of a newly wed couple where they can enjoy every moment.
  • Family Suite with a common bathroom is comfortable for a family of four.
  • Duplex Suite with its quaint wooden stare case is a unit of two rooms one living room and one bedroom upstairs with a fireplace and separate bathrooms for both the units.
  • Cottage a combination of a family suite and a super deluxe with one bedroom downstairs and one upstairs. Bathrooms are attached to the rooms. Cottage has a private area outside. Sometimes we can also offer the whole cottage.