Situated 6000 feet above the sea level, woodsvilla is far away from the bustling and stressful chaotic city life. It gives you time to spend with yourself to revitalize your senses.

Woodsvilla is overwhelming surrounded by nature. Snow clad peaks glisten in sun with pure joy, morning dew on pine smile with innocence and pathways leading to foggy woods intrigue.

Every moment spent in woodsvilla leaves everlasting impressions. You would love to capture each precious second like pearls and diamonds in your heart.

In woodsvilla we promise you a holiday that you will never forget, a stay that you will look forward to and love you will crave for.


Woodsvilla Residency are a set of 34 serviced apartments, situated adjacent to the present Resort. Each apartment has a private balcony and a bay window giving a full view of the snow covered mountains, arguably the best anywhere in Ranikhet.

Woodsvilla apartments are well connected to the road and breakfast can be served in the room. Other facilities can be availed at the Resort.